Essay No. 128: 

Young Habits Die Hard: The maxim conveys a message to readers that habits formed in the early part of life, are difficult to give up at a later stage. It is a matter of observation that early habits become hard to abandon when one grows in life.

A child who is a victim of overindulgence in childhood develops it is in his later part of life. When grown to manhood he exhibits a lack of will-power and gets incapacitated to deal with the problems of life independently. That is why it is suggested that a child may not be shown overindulgence of love in his childhood because that could become a part of his later life.

A child must be loved but never made a target of overindulgence. The tendency could arrest his independent will and think in life. A child who develops the habit of overeating in childhood tends to repeat it when he grows to manhood. Over-eating can lead to a number of physiological complications, which could make a person abnormal in life.

The habit of overeating becomes a part and parcel of life. Every precaution must be taken to ensure that a child does not develop this habit, which at a later stage could become a source of abnormality in the later part of life. Those who adopt the habit of stealing, in the latter part of life turn to be compulsive thieves. This applies to ordinary people as well as kings.

Late King Farooq of Egypt was a compulsive thief, though he did not have any need to do it. Stealing is a bad habit which must be discouraged in a child in childhood. If it is not checked timely, then there is a possibility of its emerging as a colossus in the life of man.

Lying habit is formed in the early childhood of a man. It is a source of many social evils. Lying generates a number of vices in the life of man. This habit once formed gets inbuilt into the psyche of man. Socially it is despicable. A child must be discouraged to adopt lying as a habit.

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Educated parents adopt all sorts of psychological devices to prevent their children from adopting lying as a routine habit. It must be pointed out that every person in some degree indulges in lying, keeping in view the nature of emergency he/she faces in life. It must not become a routine habit in life.

Smoking is another habit which is formed in the early part of life. Once a person becomes a slave of smoking, then he is a slave forever. However, persons endowed with a strong will can give up smoking whenever they wish to do so. It is rightly said that wants are good slaves but bad masters.

Once a person gets addicted to the use of a particular thing, he ultimately becomes its slaves. In later years of life. It becomes rather difficult to break the habitual chains of slavery. However, nothing stands in the way of man’s will. He can overcome bad habits at any part of his life, subject to the development of a strong will-power.

“Young Habits Die Hard”