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Your Ideals And Dreams Of Life

Essay No. 111:

Your Ideals And Dreams Of Life: Everyone has got certain ideals and dreams of life. It is the human ambition which sets the forces of progress in motion in life. As ambitionless life is no life. All the same, over-ambition is not desirable. Over ambition can make people behave like Shakespeare’s Macbeth. It can wreak the worst type of tragedy in life.

I have got certain dreams which I wish to fulfil in life. Problem with me is that I hold a Master’s degree in English in the first division. I am finding it extremely difficult to get suitable employment anywhere. A private coaching centre offered me the job of an English teacher at very low remuneration.

I am required to meet six periods a day. Willy-nilly I have accepted the job as something is better then nothing. I do not wish to be a further burden on my parents. Unemployment among educated persons has terribly increased in Pakistan.

The public sectors of education and health have lately shrunk in size. The private sector is the exploiter of the weaknesses of people and as such offers employment at a very low rate. I am fed up with this type of situation.

I have decided, therefore, to try my luck in the CSS examination. I am hardworking by nature and hope to get through the CSS examination successfully. It is an examination of hard toil and is demanding a high level of intelligence. I have confidence in my abilities and hope to secure the allocation of a good department at the Federal level.

Once I am in the saddle, I would sympathetically look to the problems of the poor who are a victim of tyranny, injustice and what not. I would consciously stick to the rules and regulations to dispense justice to the poor. If I feel one of the primary needs is to uphold merit through the correct interpretation and application of the law.

If I succeed in deciding cases purely on merit basis, without accepting any pressure, I would be doing justice to my job. The need is to restore the regime of merit in Pakistan. As a government official. I am likely to be subjected to certain types of pressures which I would resist up to the last.

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My ideal in life is to act like Hemmingway’s old man. Santiago, to face the adversities of life with courage and determination. I accept adversity to be the basis of life. Since my childhood, I have passed through the kiln of diversity and sufferings. I know the value of adversity.

Those who are alien to adversity, in fact, are alien to life. Adversity has given me the courage to face the problems and challenges of life. I wish to move ahead of being in the angularities of man. One must taste adversity to understand the real content of life.

I derive inspiration from those who carry on the struggle despite being in the thick of difficulties. I wish to develop strong stamina to deal with the challenges of life. If I were to describe the life I would call it to be the manifestation of courage and determination.

“Your Ideals And Dreams Of Life”

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