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Youth, A Period Of Strain And Stress: Shakespeare in his own philosophical style divides man’s life into seven stages. Childhood is the most prized period in man’s life. Man, when confronted with the present crushing realities, often seeks asylum in his childhood, a period of all worries, anxieties and tension of life. It is a care-free period in one’s life, whose memory helps revive associations of childhood.

When man enters into the period of youth, life is marked by hope, disappointment, frustration, aspiration, etc. The youth comes across grueling bitter realities of life and idealism, if any, is dissipated gradually with the passage of time. The youth which was characterized by bliss, calm and harmony, comes to be replaced with struggle and agonizing sorts of problems.

The youth after receiving formal education of the highest level, wishes to utilize its talent in some productive channel by securing suitable employment commensurate with his / her qualifications. When it fails to get employment to earn income, it receives a great mental shock.

The young men wish to support their aged parents by giving them a financial prop, but when they fail to do so, they are overpowered by frustration and disappointment. Our society offers little openings of employment to young men as unemployment is rife. The young men thus come under a great stress and strain and life begins to hang on them.

Hence it is of most agonizing phase through which the young men pass, especially coming of poor families. The life of young men hailing from the rich affluent classes is also not free of friction. Their problems vastly differ from those of the coming of poor classes. Stress and strain seem to be the common heritage of man’s life. The young, the old all are subject to the frailties of life.

Shakespeare rightly describes the youth having soft feelings for their fair sex. Emotions of love parade over the life of the young—male / female. The youth is emotionally attached to someone as that is a normal human longing. When a young boy can’t marry a girl of his own choice, for one reason or the other, he is emotionally upset.

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He comes under the purview of tension, strain and stress. In our society, differences between high and low are highly pronounced. A boy coming of a middle class family may not be able to get his beloved if she belongs to a rich or high class. In authoritarian societies prevalent in certain areas of Pakistan, there is no scope for love marriage, as the marriages are settled according to the wish of the elders.

There could be hundred and one reasons of love marriages not being celebrated in our society. The young men / women in such cases are liable to great mental shocks. Life thus assumes the complexion of a permanent sore, which continues to generate pain in one form or the other. Stress and strain on the whole, are unavoidable in human life. The youth can’t escape the sorrowful acts of life.

The youth have high aspirations in life, get frustrated when a modicum of them cannot be realized. It is the most mental tormenting state, which overtakes the young men. It’s good to fix high aspirations, and one should to achieve them. But if cent percent realization of ideals is not possible, one should reconcile to the hard facts of life. Realities can’t be shunned.

They are to be faced. Hence the young men should not blink at hard facts, realities of life. The write-up is ended with Iqbal’s verse which as reads as:

جوانی ہے تو زوق دید بھی’ لطفِ تمنا بھی

ہمارے گھر کی آبادی قیام مہاں تک ہے

[It is because of youth, the pleasure of seeing and that of wish is there. The population of our home lasts till the stay of the youth.]

“Youth, A Period Of Strain And Stress”